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" Fucking amazing!
No constructive criticism to provide I'm afraid,it was one of the most multi-dimensional,multi-feelings,powerful performances I've recently seen on trans rights.
Keep on going,cant wait to see more! " 

Chuck was selected for the artistic ‘Stuck in the Lift: Underground’ Development Programme with Elevate East - a collective that produces and curates events and performance-based work that explicates the notion of experimentation and failure. The residency consisted of rehearsals and performances at the creative hub Rich Mix, London. 

During their residency, they created the scratch show 'Eat Your Heart Out', a piece exploring the parallels between queerphobia and section 28 - legislative designation that prohibited the "promotion of homosexuality" by local authorities. Chuck juxtaposed content and narratives from the eighties, when it was initially passed, to today's transphobia and the threat that the media has on the rights of trans people living in the UK. 


Chuck used lighting and sound in new and adventurous ways, playing with a range of different dynamics. As a light & sound technician by trade, they were able to incorporate their skills with a variety of different ideas to create ambience and intensity in a way that the sounds and lights compliment each other.


​Chuck is currently in the process of talking to producers and pursuing funding for the next steps of 'EAT YOUR HEART OUT'


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