Chuck SJ is as in your face as anyone you have ever heard, continually challenging views on equality, sexism, sexuality, capitalism, the family unit and anything else they wants to address..."- 

- Independent Music Collective 

Brutally honest well thought out lyrics and fingers that shoot around the fretboard with incredible ease". 

- Overhead Wires 

Chuck is a a trans autistic multidisciplinary musician, artist and activist. They use their platform as a performer to speak about the experience of navigating through a cis heteronormative, neurotypical system. 

Chuck has many projects on the go at the same time, CHUCK SJ is their solo act, Don't be mislead into believing this will be your regular chilled acoustic night. Both Chucks guitar playing and lyrical context extends far beyond the contemporary and expected style of an acoustic guitarist. 

"I aim to seek out and build queer communities with true representation and resistance"

Chuck SJ has been a staple of the Brighton music scene as both a performer and promoter. Chuck often tours around Europe, visiting social projects, self efficient communities, activist hubs and queer spaces.  In June '16 - June '17 Chuck wrote a song a day for a year, releasing the tracks to subscribers each month. In September '17 Chuck successfully raised the funds to record XII. A double disc 50 track album recorded entirely live in one day at AudioBeach Studios. Chuck has recently started a new two piece queercore trans band called BYENARY, and is recording their next solo album which focuses on the queer community. 
As of 2020 Chuck has began experimenting with mixing poetry and sound design together, these tracks can be found on IGTV, Porridge, a 3 track EP, was released in April 2020, available to download here


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XII, 2017. - 50 track album recorded live in one day  
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