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Photography by Pearl Cook


Together The Rose Quartz Rebellion bring queercore rage & hope to every stage. This band have self composed orchestral melodies hidden beneath crunchy bass riffs and beastly drums that make you want to scream and dance. 

After Chuck spent the pandemic self producing the 17 track album 'Resist Recharge Revolt' he went on a search for the perfect band members to bring this music to the stage.

The Rose Quartz Rebellion have been creating a storm ever since their sold out Album Launch show in December 2022 at Paper Dress Vintage. They've since gone on to causing havoc in a a sold out 370 Cap venue celebrating Trans Pride, as well as being booked to headline Transcend Festival in Bristol, July 23.  

date. 2022 - Present Day

city. London 


Band Members.

Guitar, Vocals and Composition by Chuck SJ

Drums, Backing Vocals by Kate Wintie 

Guitar, Vocals by Yuki

Bass, Vocals by Frankie Reeves

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“Uniting the crowd in a sense of euphoric queer joy, the set reflected on themes of Transness and finding your place in the world with a deep cathartic energy and impassioned power”

BYENARY 2018-2019

BYENARY were a two-piece queercore punk band bringing trans experiences to the forefront of their agenda. Born from the pain of being Assigned Flawed & Miscreants At Birth, BYENARY's stripped back drum-and-guitar sound simultaneously smashes heteropatriarchal binaries while setting foundations for the future of trans liberation.

BYENARY sees the combined musical experiences of folk punk activist Chuck SJ and drummer Jodi Freer merge into a heavy yet theatrical punk outfit that moves from comedic to tragic to uplifting to pure rage and back again during their live performance.

Having completed their first UK tour in May with queer feminist label Hell Hath No Fury, and playing provocative drag/punk rock shows with sibling band Pink Suits, BYENARY successfully raised raised enough money via kickstarter thanks to the support of their fans for their upcoming album. Due to be released 28th August 2020 by Hell Hath No Fury Records 

date. 2018 - 2019

city. Brighton + London UK

Band Members.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals & Lyrics by Chuck SJ.

Drums, Backing Vocals by Jodi Freer 

Album Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Kate Wintie at Aim4Recordings


BYENARY now exists as a events production that platforms trans and/or non-binary artists



" the anarchic team of punk rock soldiers had an immense power over the stage. Shredding manically, with an immovable angst, the warriors took us straight into the heart of injustice – it was an incredibly encouraging performance to watch; it seemed to inspire feeling of a revolution "
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ECHO & THE BEATS  2013-2016

city. Brighton, UK

Queer-core Political Punk. 

Band Members.

Guitar, Vocals, Arrangement & Lyrics by Chuck SJ.

Drums, Backing vocals by Weezey Melhuish.
Saxophone, Backing vocals by Tori Hall

Bass & Backing vocals by Ben Moore

Album Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Forbes Coleman of AudioBeach Studios 

"Their sound resembles something like eighties econo-punks, The Minutemen, with a riot grrrl edge. It’s also great to hear some spoken word in modern music, and Echo include these and samples in many of their anarchic songs. They look like punks but they play like the end of the world is coming. The only way to save it? Blistering saxophone solo!

This is what the Brighton music scene is all about. Pushing boundaries, kicking ass and taking names. To be honest, Echo & the Beats are hard to define musically. So that’s an excuse for getting you to go see them live, because that’s where these guys do their best anarchic work." -


Video by Phoebe Saunders 

Where There is Discord- Final front.jpg
Where There is Discord- Final Back.jpg

Album Artwork by Jo Turner

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