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title. Porridge

date. April 2020

Written, Recorded &  Mixed by Chuck SJ 

Photography by  Jennifer Sanson

" I do not fit. Sometimes I feel as if I am an entirely different species of animal. Unlike a dog I have rent to pay " 

"Porridge is a poem about the cost that comes with working in mainstream society as a trans person. Most of us have a decision to make, lose ourselves by fitting in to societies box, or find ourselves through abandoning the world we were raised in. Of course it takes an amount of privilege to say 'Fuck making coffee for wankers, I'm going to be an artist'. I achnowledge that the skills I have to keep myself afloat, are skills that were made assessable to me due to my white privilege. 
I decided to write an orchestral piece to accompany Porridge, I dream of one day composing and conducting a live orchestra for a queer audience. Music is radical. We deserve strings too. I wanted to ccapture that in this piece. "

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