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title4 Parts Fire. 2 Parts Water.

date.       March 2020

Location. The Shed, Melbourne

This piece was created in one day. 
Track produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chuck SJ 
Filmed and edited by Chuck SJ 

"I was still in Melbourne when Covid-19 hit. Being away from home during that time was intense/terrifying/reallyfuckingweird. I have never thought of the UK as home before, and didn't even have a physical 'home' to return to. Yet the pull to be back on that tiny overpopulated island was immense. I went into hyperfocus mode reguarly. If it weren't for this piece being a capture of my reaction to isolation, I'd have scrapped it the next day, based souly on no longer agreeing with these words. However I now recognise that the way we think and feel is forever changing, we shouldn't bin the memory of  past feelings just because they no longer stand. To be forever changing is not a sign of doubt, but of growth."

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