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title. 365 Stories // XII 

date. June 2016 - June 2017

city. Brighton, UK. 

Chuck wrote and recorded a song a day for a year, each month releasing a 30 odd track album to 365Stories subscribers. Once this was finally over,  Chuck took fifty tracks from 365 Stories and recorded them live in one day at AudioBeach Studios, thus creating XII, the 50 track album that Chuck now loathes so much they didn't even want to mention it on their website.



Photography by Louie Raines

Artwork X11 (1) copy.png

Artwork by Jo Turner 

" I recon writing a song a day for a year really helped me get all of my Shit material out the way. It was a big year too! Through this project I came out as trans, Brexit happened, UKIP fans were appearing inside my echo chamber, my partner of 3 years dumped me (which in hindsight I am NOT surprised) David Cameron resigned, Theresa May took the throne, the Orlando shootings happened. I hadn't found a trans community yet. I was drunk pretty much all the time. So although I think XII may be the most amount of work I've ever put in to something that makes me wanna rip my ears off, its also my certificate of survival. My proof that whilst stood at a crossroad of social and political stressors, I still followed through with what I started. I went to work. I came home. I wrote. I recorded. I released. And in between it all I cried and drank and cried some more. it was worth it though, as now  there isn't a thing I don't believe i'm capable of."


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